Our Mission

We exist to lovingly engage the people in our circles, embrace them as family, and equip them to be committed followers of Christ.


Our Blueprint

MISSION– Jesus said, “Go into all the world and make disciples…” We understand “mission” to be a lifestyle that, with God at the center, connects every part of our lives together. God’s mission is lived-out at all times and places where we are (marketplace, workplace, community, Sunday services, etc.). Therefore, “mission” is not just something we do or support, but the result of an organic, missional lifestyle that God has created His Church to be. Part of that mission, however, is that we generously support life-giving ministries throughout the globe. Several of our 47+ missionaries are serving in nations where people have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ.
COMMUNITY – It’s all about relationships. Jesus taught that the way people will follow Him is through a process called discipleship – learning to be more like Him – which occurs through Godly, wholesome relationships. Strong connections are best made when people meet with other believers in small groups.
WORSHIP – A weekly gathering of believers to worship God is essential to our spiritual development. As we gather for the main events each week, we discover God’s plan for our lives, hear Him speak, and encourage one another to grow. Worship is not for spectators; it is for participators, and all ages can be involved!
OUTREACH – It isn’t enough to gather within a building. We must also be committed to engaging people outside the four walls. “Outreach” can be defined as bringing the gospel (good news) of Christ to people or bringing people to the gospel. Either way, we are not comfortable merely keeping to ourselves. 
SERVE – Each follower of Christ has a calling on their lives, and this calling always involves serving others. This is called ministry, and Jesus was a perfect example of serving others. We have several teams in place that corresponds with our mission. Each team is led by servant leaders who lead by example. We encourage people to get involved in one or more of these ministry teams

Our Beliefs

We are an Assemblies of God fellowship. For more information on what we believe, please visit Assemblies of God (USA) Official Web Site | Beliefs (ag.org)
Joshua and Ashley Potts
Lead Pastor 
 Pastor Joshua and Ashley began at First Assembly in March 2008 and served until January 2019. They returned in June 2020 to begin AGAIN with a renewed passion for God and His Church, and to help people become committed followers of Jesus. Joshua is from Jacksonville, Florida and became a Christian at a young age. He has always had a passion for the presence of God and preaching/teaching God’s Word. He is a graduate of Lee University, Cleveland, TN, where he earned a degree in Ministry Leadership. Ashley is from Macclenny, Florida, where she and Joshua have lived since they were married in 2003. She is passionate about praise and worship and earned a Music degree from Jacksonville University, Jacksonville, Florida. Joshua and Ashley have five children: Cohen, Claire, Aaron, Isaac and Dolly.